Interpretations in English

Sulho Sipilä: A Moment at Home

The first thing that struck was the use of colors. It’s almost too bright to be real. The purple and the turquoise are in contrast with the scene itself. There is something, I wouldn’t say gloomy, but something down to earth and ordinary about the scene itself. The colors are very bright, which creates an interesting contrast. A very typical Finnish feature is that it has people in the same room, who are obviously related, with similar facial features, but doing their own thing – not talking to each other, ignoring each other, which is something Finns love to do. In another culture we would find that very weird, but the Finns love that. And you know, I have grown to love that.

I think it is not a good day because the weather is bad and the curtains are pulled. They are waiting for nice weather. There is a big clock on the wall which symbolizes waiting. They want to continue their work outside, because they are farmers. Maybe the woman is reading the weather forecast. I am not sure is it important in this picture, but there are a lot of green colors through the window.

This might be memory and I just realized that the shadow, the curtains and the place that has the mirror, not the shelf but the line that has the border on the left. They have some certain waves, so that might also be a memory. Same for the mirror frame.