Interpretations in English

Unto Pusa: Carpenters

It reminds me of the industrial revolution and the assembly line. Everyone is doing this monotonous task.

It reminds of 1920s factory work, tough times. Overall I think it’s maybe indicative of the working class, everything is together, not so emotional – just guys in a factory.

The first thing that struck me was how colorful it is, which is quite surprising. They have facial expressions and the situation seems quite repetitive, boring and bland. It doesn’t stir any emotions in me this painting, but I like the colors.

I think it might be a sort of propaganda material. It is encouraging productivity through the aestheticization of hard work.

Even though it might be hard times, I feel optimism because of the colors.

To me it is dreamlike. We often dream illogical things. Looking at the shadows, they are appearing everywhere, and mostly very simplistic lines are used so that the dimensions are not clear in each object. I thought this might be an idealized version of industrialization.

To me, the man on the front is the most important, because he is standing on the red, and the machine behind him is framing him perfectly. It has a sort of art deco type of colors and shapes.