Interpretations in English

Sofia Wilkman: Journey

My first thought is like the twilight zone. I can imagine the music [humming] just like over and over again. And you’re kind of like going insane in your head. You’re going around and around and there’s nothing to lead you out.

For me it’s unpleasant to look at, because it is so incomplete. It’s not perfect, like the lines are a bit crooked, color’s not pure, and there are smudges of white in it. I’m getting stressed looking at this. It’s full of imperfections.

It looks like it’s transparent and covers a little of this form [the form on the right]. I don’t know why but it reminds me of summer or a shower, these soft curtains floating in the air. I don’t think the dots are water drops because they are so in line. It’s something else. It looks like metal to me, like nails. It reminds me of a shower because it’s like plastic or very transparent material.

I think that the point in the middle symbolizes the sun. And the circles go around the sun.

To me it’s like Buddhism, like circle of life. And it’s like again and again and in the middle is like nirvana or different kind of lives. And now you’re going there [pointing the yellow dot] Maybe the other dots are like some important memories but outside of it.