Interpretations in English

Fanny Churberg: Landscape in Moonlight

I think it is night, and there is a lake, a cottage and maybe a sauna. It’s a cloudy night, there is the moon. It’s a very quiet night. I don’t understand if it’s summertime, how can it be so dark? Maybe it’s south Finland, maybe it’s a bit darker. I think that’s a lake, because I see some trees there - it’s a lake.

I also don’t understand why the light over the moon is so bright and why it’s so hard. Maybe it’s just the vision of the artist, but that is not what happens in the night. If it Finland actually, it’s August or the beginning of September, because if this were in June there are white nights, and this sort of landscape won’t happen.

I feel that this is the moment when everything was dark, and the it suddenly started to blow, and the wind is carrying away the clouds, and causing waves. It’s not dangerous but romantic, a national romantic picture.

I agree that the moonlight is not normal and I assume that this is at night. Then I thought that in the one house where there is a light, there might be a labor going on. I think that this is back in the day when people used to give birth in saunas. There is something exceptional going on, because the other houses are dark. Maybe the bright light is a symbol for new life.

I was thinking that we are so used to lights and electricity, so it would be very eerie for me to be transported back to this time. If I were for example walking on the other side of the lake, and the other light source I saw was from a fire. I guess it makes the moon brighter if you don’t have any other form of light. It takes place in the past.